Virtual Data Room for Accountants

The virtual data room is a basic business solution that does not require knowledge of accounting, which will unite the work of all employees and allow you to control your business online.

Which Are the Main Functions of the Virtual Data Room for Accountants?

There are many accounting programs – there are both paid multifunctional software and free programs with a limited set of features. There are also online services that allow you to keep accounting through a browser. The data room software is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners. This is a network product, but the information is not stored in the cloud but on your server or regular computer. At the same time, the database is simultaneously available to several employees, for example, the director, accountant, and managers.

The main functionality of the virtual data room for accountants:

    1. creation of various tariffs. Use of per-minute, hourly rates. Setting up a tariff grid depending on the number of hours spent and the time of day;
    2. creating a visualization of the institution in the system interface;
    3. maintaining complete information on customers, displaying the history of all visits and expenses;
    4. registration and work with long-term subscriptions for customers who use the service of a coworking zone or rent a room;
    5. booking a place to work, zones, and rooms for regular customers;
    6. access control by zones for visitors (access with a special card, subscription);
    7. setting up a loyalty system that allows you to work with various discounts.

The Most Important Advantages to Get with the Virtual Data Room for Accountants

Virtual data rooms for automating accounting and tax accounting very successfully solve all the main tasks of accounting – payroll, cash flow on a current account, cash transactions, synthetic accounting, accounting for fixed assets and material values, and settlements with debtors and creditors.

With the virtual data room for accountants, you will be able to use the main advantages:

1. Security.

Your data is protected from “mask show,” removal by third parties, loss, and cyber threats.

2. Accounting, reporting, PRRO.

Management, accounting, inventory accounting, reporting, and PRRO are now in one program.

3. Online 24/365.

Work online while at home, on the road, traveling, anywhere in the world where there is Internet.

4. Cash accounting

Control the cash flow of your business in real-time. Download bank statements automatically.

5. Warehouse accounting.

Control the receipt, movement within the warehouse, the disposal of goods, and payment for them. Make a write-off, posting of surpluses, and perform an inventory at any time.

The Main Functions of the Accounting Data Room Software

Today’s data room technologies are actively being introduced into the daily activities of organizations. To whom to adopt the current minds of the market economy, where the culture of service and support of folding information systems was created.

The best virtual data rooms for accounting should perform at least the following functions:

    • Track incoming and outgoing money. You want to know what customers owe you and what you owe potential suppliers or other business partners.
    • Support payment gateways. Most online businesses rely on third-party payment gateways to process order payments.
    • Have banking integration. You probably don’t keep your money under your pillow, and therefore, the best online accounting services should provide a wide range of banking integrations.
    • Give access to an accountant. Unless you do your own bookkeeping, accounting programs should give your accountant access to view your financial data.
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